Serving Medical, Educational, and Residential Communities

Nearing its 3rd decade of operation, Longwood is better than ever at fulfilling its founding Mission: to consistently exceed the expectations of our select, world-class healthcare, educational, and residential community partners by leading the way in developing and delivering efficient, innovative, and effective security services.

Our vision continues to be that of economically leveraging the special needs of our area's geographically close institutions so as to best enable our communities to receive services of unmatched excellence.

Since day one, we've done this in a way that neither compromises the in-house-service style our clients desire, nor sacrifices the benefits achieved by the "muscle" a contract company can bring.

And as our impressive growth and our client retention rate (well higher than any of our competitors) both attest, we've succeeded -- thus far. But we're not there yet and won't be until you become one of our valued clients and partners.