Security Consulting

Because of our extensive area presence and specialization, we provide many value-added services that most companies are either not qualified to provide or don't provide because of financial considerations. With Longwood, you won't be surprised by unbudgeted expenses, or dragged into lengthy discussions where your budget is being "nickel and dimed" to death. When we at Longwood say we're a full-service company, we mean it.

We provide these added services without your incurring additional costs. No, they're not entirely free; but yes, the costs for the following are built into our billing structure: our efficient tracking of your crime and loss prevention needs; our use of leading-edge custom software and real-time information sharing over our LION WAN; our unique-in-the-industry 14-Step Career Ladder and people-oriented management systems. These services, along with our long-standing area focus and working relationships, position us to conduct effective follow-up investigations to most every incident of reported crime by trained investigators – without any added cost to you.

These investigations often involve our conducting follow-up interviews that enhance awareness or result in a physical control or procedural change, installing state-of-the-art covert CCTV cameras, or prompting us to access our wealth of Internet and other databases. All of this can nip a problem in the bud before it becomes a more costly and potentially embarrassing issue – again, all without added cost or budget strain.

Knowing it's in both our best interests to maintain highly competitive wages and our unique-to-the-industry benefit and training programs, we work closely with you to eliminate the unnecessary ongoing expense of a security officer when an investment in emerging physical control technology is in order. These controls can be as simple as lock and key programs and lighting and fencing installations or can involve more sophisticated technology such as integrated card access, alarm, CCTV, and mag lock systems. The proper response at either end of the sophistication spectrum can often accomplish the desired result in better or equal fashion to that of a security officer's presence – after a less costly one-time capital investment.

And since we're not affiliated with any manufacturers, we offer you a frank, unbiased, and objective perspective when helping specify your requirements during RFP preparation.