Community Services Division

The Community Service Division is one of Longwood Security’s fastest growing divisions and currently serves over 40,000 residents in various communities throughout the City of Boston and beyond.  Not only do we make our residential communities safer, we partner with our communities to improve the quality of life, helping make them better places to live. 

From community involvement to officer training, Longwood Security’s Community Service Division applies a comprehensive approach to community policing, a formula that’s made Longwood Security the largest private security presence in residential communities throughout Greater Boston, and, more importantly, one of the most respected. 
Community Programs
Over the years, Longwood Security’s community outreach efforts have centered on Youth Programs and Community Events.  Kids have benefited from violence prevention initiatives, sports clinics and career days; while our communities as a whole benefit from picnics and barbeques, health fairs, jobs fairs and senior citizen safety awareness programs, among other initiatives.  
Special Officers are empowered by the Boston Police Commissioner to affect arrests and request summonses. As per the Police Commissioner’s regulation, Special Officers receive 160 hours of classroom training under an approved certification program. Longwood Security then mandates 4 days [20% more] of additional training and testing, above and beyond the minimum standards. 
Longwood Security is the only security company admitted to a special District Court Diversionary Program, which is an alternative to traditional legal consequences for drug and alcohol offenses. Longwood Officers influence the court whether a person brought before the court should be a candidate for the program.
Additionally Longwood Security was the 1st to obtain permission to conduct bicycle patrols, 1st to be granted authority to issue Civil Citations, 1st to be part of the District Attorney office’s emailed Summons program, among many, many others firsts.  
Officers file their Incident Report s using Longwood’s proprietary Intuitive Security Information System™ [ISIS] Intuitive Security Information System™ [ISIS].   We gain vital insights and track trends to set most effective policies for our communities.   
The Community Services Division also maintains a fleet of four-wheel drive vehicles to aid its efforts. Vehicles are equipped with internet-connected laptops; GPS tacking devices monitored around the clock at our Control/ Dispatch Center; two-way radios, and other equipment that companies don’t provide and making Officers more capable, effective, and visible.
Control/ Dispatch Center
Longwood Security maintains a 24/7/365 Control/ Dispatch center to enhance communications amongst Officers in the field and other Boston emergency response agencies. Quickly and easily, Officers get mutual-aid assistance promptly when needed. 
Professional Associations
Longwood is a longstanding member of: