Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Proof that “Our #1 Asset is Our Employees”

Longwood maintains a fleet of vehicles to support the residential communities in which our special police officers serve. In the past year, our fleet has doubled increasing the demands of maintaining the fleet in top condition.

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize Patrol Manager Marty Egan, who has worked tirelessly to put a number of patrol vehicles into service over the past year and has made a substantial contribution in meeting the complex logistical needs such a program demands. Egan has do this in addition to his responsibilities as a Patrol Manager at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. He has been actively involved in the research of security related vehicle technologies and negotiating the best value options for our Fleet “add-on” components, including GPS systems, custom consoles, radios, scanners, emergency lighting and other components. Additionally, Marty has added significant value by scheduling equipment installation among a variety of vendors and under some very tight Longwood client delivery schedules.

Marty’s success results from the win/win relationships he builds with suppliers and installation vendors. He sets clear expectations with the vendors that allow him to inspect the completed installations ensuring that Longwood's high standards for Image and Service are met. 

In addition to his involvement in Longwood’s Fleet Management Program, Marty has played an important quality assurance role in Longwood’s Uniform Program. He has a keen eye for quality and value and understands the importance that the quality of uniforms plays in projecting a professional Image.

Since the inception in 2001, Marty has also played an integral part in Longwood Security’s Honor Guard, which provides services to a number of Boston’s world-class educational and healthcare institutions, and residential communities. 

In 2003 Marty was the recipient of the Longwood “Life Saving Award” and was also awarded the Boston Police Commissioner’s Citation for Service, for his assistance to the police department in apprehending a kidnapping suspect. 

Marty was recognized for his 15 years of Service at Longwood’s 2005 Annual Awards Program, as well as being named a “Deserving Finalist” for the 2005 Patrol Manager of the Year Award.  

Thank you Marty! Your tireless efforts and the results you’ve achieved have been substantial. You are very much appreciated!