Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Name for Children's, Same Great Hospital

Two Longwood Officers Show their Commitment to Boston Children's Hospital Two Longwood Officers Show their Commitment to Boston Children's Hospital

Boston Children's Hospital, formerly known as Children's Hospital Boston, the number one ranked pediatric hospital in the nation is going through some changes as it rockets it’s way in to the future.

Please don’t be alarmed, they are continuing to provide the world class medical care that they always have, they are undergoing some changes in their identity however.

As you can see above, their name is now Boston Children's Hospital, and they are looking at a new logo to go along as well. You may have even heard or seen advertisements recently with their new slogan “until every child is well.”


Longwood Security, having over a 15 year relationship providing services for the hospital, believes that the hospitals mission is our mission. This is very evident in the picture that accompanies this article. Recently the hospital held it’s annual “Ice Cream” Social for employees, which the officers are invited to participate in. These two officers were there as participants and as “detail officers”, and you can see how genuinely happy and proud they are to be part of such a world class institution and partnership. Our role, and our presence are a vital part in the team approach at Boston Children's Hospital. The picture tells the story, professional and vigilant, but our relationships formed in and for this community are so much more…………..supportive, caring, proud, community dedicated, community oriented……….


At times it is hard to put in to words what you are feeling, or what your purpose is, but not at this hospital, it is one community, no, one family acting in unison for the best care and experience possible anywhere….......”UNTIL EVERY CHILD IS WELL”.