Monday, December 28, 2015

Meet Troy C. Santarlasci, Longwood's New Vice President of Operations

Q Congratulations on becoming Vice President of Operations. Why do you think you were the best person for the role?

A As an internal candidate, I bring knowledge of the systems, policies and procedures that have made LSSI successful and I can’t see an outside candidate being able to come in and quickly absorb, understand and em­brace the unique culture that has made LSSI so successful.

I also have over 20 years of security and law enforcement experience in LSSI’s 3 core markets—Residential, Healthcare and Education. Having worked in all 3 markets I have gained valuable insight into the diverse needs and market nu­ances required to effectively manage security operations.

Q What do you hope to accomplish in your new position?

A LSSI is going through a period of growth. My hope is that I can help give direction and stability dur­ing that time by supporting, nurturing and guiding current supervisors and managers while helping to develop the next generation of LSSI leadership.

I also would like to explore ways to grow the LSSI footprint in the Boston Area—different markets from those we have traditionally been involved with, such as retail and government service account contracts.

Many people may not know, but you started at LSSI in ’92, left and returned in 2012. Why’d you leave and what brought you back?

A When I left LSSI I was looking for a career in municipal law enforce­ment.  I enjoyed working for LSSI, but I felt that I needed to take the next step. I moved on to be an armed Boston Spe­cial Officer while pursuing a full time position in law enforcement.

As my career progressed I found myself moving up the supervisory ranks and into management, eventually becom­ing the Chief of Public Safety at Mount Ida College where I served 12 years. Throughout my career and while Chief, I had the opportunity to network with many of the local and federal law en­forcement agencies working in the greater Boston Area and had the plea­sure of supervising many young of­ficers who went on to fulltime law en­forcement careers.

In 2012, then LSSI Vice President Peter Scott, who I had known while he was a Captain with the Brookline Police reached out and asked me about com­ing back to Longwood to run the Com­munity Service Division. It was a new challenge, yet, at the same time, it felt like after 20 years of growth, I was com­ing home to where I started. I jumped at the opportunity.

Longwoods New Vice President of Operations
Troy C. Santarlasci, second from left, volunteers with youth programs and does youth ministry work throughout the greater Boston Area.

Q How has the security industry changed over your career and what are some areas that you’re partic­ularly concerned or passionate about?

A I would have to say the biggest change has been the advance­ment in technology. When I started, we carried a 20-pound clock, slung over our shoulders, which utilized metal keys hung at check points to document guard tours. Radios were about the size of a large brick and CCTV coverage was minimal, at best.

Increasingly, we have embraced tech­nology, not only in lighter, more effi­cient tour and communication systems but in Video, GPS monitoring, Intuitive reporting systems, server-based on­line reporting systems and a host of other technology. As a result we have become more proactive and respon­sive with the ability to quickly adapt to changing security needs.

Q LSSI has always stayed true to its Boston roots. Based on your re­sume, you could probably work with a national or international security firm. Why stay here in Boston?

A I previously worked for an inter­national security firm and I always felt like more of a number than a per­son. I tend to be very passionate and connected to the things I do. LSSI gives me an opportunity to be that person and to cultivate relationships with our employees and clients.

And of course, I was born, grew up and worked in Boston my entire life. I love the City and New England. I am a huge Patriots and Red Sox fan and there’s nothing better than fresh Maine Lob­ster. Staying local and working for a local company just feels right. Besides, I can see Fenway Park from my office.

Q What’s your proudest career mo­ment?

A I have had quite a few moments during my career that I am ex­tremely proud; however, one sticks out to me. About a month after I had left my position as Chief at Mount Ida Col­lege, I received a call from one of the supervisors asking me to get together for dinner. Having worked with him for years, I was happy to accept and met up with him.

When I arrived, every member of the Department was there. They threw me a ‘Thank You Party,’ and each one had written a personal thank you note tell­ing me what my leadership and friend­ship meant to them. It was a truly hum­bling experience to know that so many of the people I oversaw felt that I had been a good leader, friend and mentor. I was truly proud and grateful at that moment.

Q LSSI strives to ‘Make a Difference, Everyday.’ How do you plan to make a difference in the communities that LSSI operates?

A I think what sets us apart is our partnerships and relationships with our clients. By cultivating those relationships and making our clients’ needs, wants and mission our own, we are better able to contribute above and beyond providing basic security ser­vices.

I will work to cultivate and grow those relationships to ensure we provide “Extreme Customer Service®,” a first class security service and a true win/ win partnership with the communities, clients and people we serve.

Q What do you do on your free time? Hobbies, activities, sports?

A Well, I am a part time Police Of­ficer in the City of Attleboro and I am a Law Enforcement Instructor—two things I have a passion for—so I spend a good chunk of time in those roles.

Recently, my wife and I welcomed our first child, Robert Joseph who is weeks old. I have been enjoying spend­ing every possible minute with him, bonding and watching him grow. I have been told many times by many people that there is no joy like having a child and that you need to enjoy every moment because time will pass quickly. They were right.

I’m also active with youth programs, speaking engagements and youth min­istry work throughout the greater Bos­ton Area.

And lastly, watching my Patriots and Red Sox…..Boston Strong!

Q Having worked in the communi­ties and in the main office, you have a unique perspective of LSSI. What has allowed LSSI to remain a constant on the Boston security scene?

A LSSI’s belief in partnerships, atten­tion to detail, belief in “Extreme Customer Service®” and having a small business mindset are all factors that have put us on top and will continue to help us stay there.

I also feel we have been strategic in our growth and always make sure not to take on too much too fast or grow beyond our capabilities. We have spe­cialized, first in Healthcare, then in Edu­cation and most recently in Residential Security. By concentrating on those ar­eas, you are able to remain focused, un­derstand the needs of the market and provide a high level of service without sacrificing quality for quantity.