Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Longwood’s Kendrick Raine Honored by Boston Police

On February 6th 2009, Longwood Officer Kendrick Raine assisted the Boston Police Department in a foot chase which resulted in the arrest of an armed subject. 

While on routine patrol, Officer Raine heard a radio transmission for assistance from a Boston Police Officer who was in need of assistance while pursuing an individual. Officer Raine and his partner Officer Wilson Rodriguez where in the immediate area thus circling around and putting themselves into position of assistance.

Officer Kendrick obtained a visual of the individual running up the street towards his position. Kendrick acting on his training instinctively jumped out of the vehicle and headed towards the subject. Kendrick then was able to catch the fleeing subject and secure him until the Boston Officer arrived on the scene. During the chase, the subject dropped a semi-automatic pistol.

Due to his quick thinking, and instinctive actions, Kendrick was able to assist in the apprehension of a dangerous subject which facilitated the removal of an illegal firearm from a Boston neighborhood.

Officer Kendrick was summons to Boston Police District B-2 on Tuesday April 21st, 2009 by Captain Paul Russell for recognition for his actions. During the district shift briefing, Captain Russell presented Officer Kendrick an appreciation award for his outstanding service and dedication to duty. Also in attendance for Longwood Security was President Jack Connelly, VP of Government and Community Affairs Peter Scott, and Sr. Operations Manager John Farrell.

Captain Russell started off the presentation by welcoming Officer Raine and the other members of the Longwood Team, he went on to praise the hard work and dedication of not only Kendrick but all of the Longwood’s officers and thanked the officers for all of the hard work they put in on a daily basis.

Kendrick was than presented a plaque from the Boston Police Department that was in appreciation of his hard work, and dedication to the residents of Boston. It also acknowledged Kendrick’s roll in the apprehension and arrest of the subject and the gratitude of the Boston Police.