Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Longwood Security Officers Show their True Colors

Longwood Security officers escort Officer May Longwood Security officers escort Officer May
CSD (Community Services Division) Officer Charles May suffered serious complications from an illness he had been battling and was transported by ambulance from his post to a local hospital at the end of February.  Despite fighting his illness for years, Officer May had continued, resolute, working for Longwood Security and delivering exceptional service to clients.  Unfortunately, Officer May’s illness had progressed to the point where he wouldn’t be able to return to duty.

Shortly thereafter, Officer May’s family flew in from Seattle, Wash. to be with him.  While Officer May was hospitalized, a steady stream of Longwood Security officers visited Officer May and his family, offering support and well wishes.  

During the visits, the Mays expressed their desire to bring Officer May back to Seattle to be with family and friends. However, the prohibitive costs became obvious with his condition worsening.  As has always been the case with Longwood Security, fellow officers rallied behind Officer May and his family.

Lead by CSD Captain Herbert Aponte, Longwood Security held a companywide fundraiser to help defray some of the transportation costs. Longwood President Jack Connelly decided the Company would match the donations. On March 17th, Longwood Security presented a nearly $10,000 check to the May family.

The May family expressed their sincere appreciation and gratitude for the Longwood Security officers’ selfless act. Officer May’s father, a former Chief of Police and owner of his own security company, said ‘he had never seen such support, unity and caring from any group’ and he was proud that his son belonged to such a great organization.

Longwood Security officers had one final gesture for Officer May. The following morning, March 18, a convoy of six marked Longwood Security cruisers with 11 officers and 2 clients escorted Officer May and his family to South Station. As Officer May and his family entered South Station, Longwood Security officers stood at attention and saluted in an Honor Guard formation.

With that, Officer May and his family began the journey back to Seattle.   

Longwood Security would like to thank Officer May for his dedication and commitment and wish him the best in his continued fight.  The Longwood Security family is standing right behind you.