Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Longwood Security Graduates 8 New Special Police Officers

Eight new Longwood SPO set to join the team. Eight new Longwood SPO set to join the team.
Eight Longwood Security Special Police Officers attended the 3 Day in-house SPO Training class, held between April 15th and 17th 2015. The class supplements the required Boston Special Officer Academy, a mandated program that all Officers must pass before being licensed by the City of Boston.

The training class consists of 24 hours of training taught by Longwood Security President John T. Connelly, Esq., and the Superintendent of the Community Services Division, Troy C. Santarlasci. Longwood mandates that every Special Officer hired, regardless of his/her previous experience or training, takes part in this training program.   This is part of Longwood Security’s commitment to training and ensuring the officers on the street are ready for their new assignment.

During this training, officers are re-introduced to the Longwood Philosophy (Our People are our number 1 asset) and culture (We Make a Difference Every Day), that sets the Company apart.  It further identifies specific LSSI policies, as set forth in the Company Handbook, “Longwood and You” that every employee adheres to.  

Officers are taught to “Slow Down” (Mr. Connelly’s favorite two words) and to assess situations and determine the best course of action before rushing in and making mistakes.  Aiding in this instruction, officers are taught “Connelly’s Corridor," which emphasizes the following steps:

#1. Observe 

#2. Approach 

#3. Actions 

#4. Six w/elements 

#5. Arrest and 

#6. Wait(See attached picture).

In addition to LSSI proprietary training materials, many pertinent case laws involving, Trespassing, Assault & Battery, Investigatory Stops, Drug Arrests, Pat Frisks, Fleeing Felons and a host of other relevant topics are discussed.

At the completion of the class, each officer must take an intensive exam and pass with an 80% or better in order to continue as a Special Officer at Longwood.   

Please join in me in congratulating the most recent SPO class graduates:

Sgt. Damian Shallow
Officer Christos Tsigas, 
Officer Paul Campbell
Officer Jorge Cardona
Officer Kwan Kim
Officer Eduard Martinez
Officer Ames Stevens  
OffiCareerscer Colin Warwick