The Healthcare Division enjoys a special distinction at Longwood Security—our catalyst to success for nearly three decades.

From being named after the Longwood Medical and Academic Area, to its first clients, Longwood Security has long maintained deep ties to Boston-area healthcare institutions and has been fulfilling our founding mission to exceed the expectations of our select, world-class healthcare institutions. 
Longwood Security has been long and widely known as the industry leader in the area of training.  And we place a high priority on maintaining and expanding that long and hard won reputation.
Our officer training is made up of 4 major components:  Introductory Training, In-Service Training, On-Site Field Orientation [specifically tailored to each institution we serve] and Annual Employee Re-Certifications. 
Classes include, but are not limited to: Customer Service – The Longwood Mystique; De-Escalation Techniques for managing aggressive behavior;  Diversity Awareness/ Sexual Harassment; Legal Limits and Civil Liability Issues, Physical Controls, Loss Prevention Concepts & Techniques, Safety and Emergency Procedures, Report Writing & Field Notes, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Patient Restraints & Patient Watches, and more.
Supervisors as well as Patrol and Operations Mangers, receive additional in-service and on-going monthly training.  
Extreme Customer Service®
As part of Longwood Security’s never-ending training initiatives, we’ve introduced a new training and motivation program—IBP, Inc.’sIBP, Inc.’s Extreme Customer Service® program—tailored to our Officer, Manager and Community needs. 
With a well-known, experienced and highly-regarded senior management team, Longwood has been called upon to offer a variety of consulting services from institution-wide risk management assessments; to lending assistance in the development of employee and staff education programs; to developing physical control systems and assisting in the RFP process; to policy and procedure development. 
Longwood is licensed to and provides investigative services upon request.
Professional Associations
Among many other associations, Longwood is a longstanding member of:
Note:  Since its creation in 2005, Our President has served on the IAHSS Healthcare Security Guidelines Council, which writes standards for the healthcare industry.