Higher Education

As a result of our successes in the healthcare industry, our services were sought out by neighboring higher education institutions.  Our Higher Education Division is now responsible for providing services for the well-being of over 20,000 students in the Greater Boston area. 

Our Higher Ed partners trust Longwood Security to serve in many instances as their primary public safety administrators; and in others we work alongside in-house campus police officers and directors. Longwood Security is especially qualified for this role having served a variety of higher learning institutions from large metropolitan campuses to smaller colleges for over 20 years.  
Longwood Security has been long and widely known as the industry leader in the area of training.  And we place a high priority on maintaining and expanding that long and hard won reputation.
Our officer training is made up of 4 major components:  Introductory Training, In-Service Training, On-Site Field Orientation [specifically tailored to each institution we serve] and Annual Employee Re-Certifications. 
Classes include, but are not limited to: Customer Service – The Longwood Mystique; De-Escalation Techniques for managing aggressive behavior;  Diversity Awareness/ Sexual Harassment; Legal Limits and Civil Liability Issues, Physical Controls, Loss Prevention Concepts & Techniques, Safety and Emergency Procedures, Report Writing & Field Notes, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Patient Restraints & Patient Watches, and more.
Supervisors as well as Patrol and Operations Mangers, receive additional in-service and on-going monthly training.  
Extreme Customer Service®
As part of Longwood Security’s never-ending training initiatives, we’ve introduced a new training and motivation program—IBP, Inc.’sIBP, Inc.’s Extreme Customer Service® program—tailored to our Officer, Manager and Community needs. 
Superior Service
Our frontline Officers embody the Longwood Difference and make students feel comfortable and secure on campus. We carefully test our Officers’ attitude towards others and closely review the pride they exhibit in their own appearance and demeanor.   Our success in this area is evidence in part by our industry-leading employee retention rate. 
With a well-known, experienced and highly-regarded senior management team, Longwood has been called upon to offer a variety of consulting services from institution-wide risk management assessments; to lending assistance in the development of employee and staff education programs; to developing physical control systems and assisting in the RFP process; to policy and procedure development. 
Setting Security Policy 
Longwood Security’s proprietary Institution Security Information System (ISIS™)Institution Security Information System (ISIS™) report writing software creates a robust and intuitive graphical database of reported crimes. We glean vital insights and track trends to set the most effective security policies and personnel deployments for your individual institution.
Clery Act Reporting
In addition to the incoming Student Awareness programs we offer, in many instances Longwood ensures that our academic institutions are in full compliance with the Clery Act.
Unique Functions
The Higher Education Division’s responsibilities don’t end at providing a safe and secure environment for students. Longwood Security also meets individual institution’s unique needs. Whether it’s operating a shuttle service or staffing a mailroom, there’s no job too big or small.   
Longwood is licensed to and provides investigative services upon request.
Professional Associations
Among many other associations, Longwood is a member of the: