Superior Service Is An Attitude

In addition to past employer references, drug testing, criminal records checks, and an in-depth screening process, we work closely with our senior field managers to select only those people who demonstrate that they can and want to live up to our combined expectations. That is, we carefully test our applicants' attitude toward others and closely review the pride they exhibit in their own appearance and demeanor to determine whether they will successfully serve as our communities' ambassadors and our administrations' representatives.

Further, all applicants must pledge in writing to make our and your institution their primary full-time employment. Unlike other companies, who provide anywhere from 25 to 35% of their commitment to your community with part-time people, virtually 100% of Longwood's services are provided by full-time, well-trained, knowledgeable, and committed officers.

In turn, both Longwood and our client institutions agree to provide competitive wages, institution-appropriate benefits, and a challenging work environment where our people feel good about themselves and the contributions they make as full members of our communities.

Once selected, all candidates must undergo a vigorous, lengthy, and continuous training program in which they are exposed to a wide variety of classroom training, lectures, role plays, literature, and videos. Before being certified and becoming eligible for progression to the next step of the 14-Step Career Ladder, they're fully tested on all of the above.